Sleep Number Approach

Sleep Number Approach

The Sleep Number Approach

Select Comfort® offers high-quality products that improve sleep, provide an unparalleled consumer experience, and offer real value to our customers. We have more than 20 years of experience improving the lives of our customers through enhancements and innovations as well as our demonstrated commitment to the quality and safety of our products. Currently, more than six million people enjoy the benefits of our bed ... and thousands and thousands write, call and e-mail to tell us how the unique features of the Sleep Number® bed have improved their lives.

Because of this unique design, we're often held to a higher standard than other mattress companies. That's okay with us, because we hold ourselves to a higher standard, too.

We take the issue of mold growth in mattresses very seriously — so much so that we are an industry leader in the use of antimicrobial agents to deter the growth of mold in our products. We want our customers to experience the unique benefits only our bed can provide. We also want them to feel confident in the quality and safety of our products.

Our Approach to Technology

The research and development team at Select Comfort focuses on the continuous improvement of our products. So, they are constantly testing our protection measures to eliminate the risk of mold growth in our products.

Since 1996, Select Comfort has used antimicrobial foam in its beds to minimize the formation of mold. Several years ago, we worked with SANITIZED AG, a world leader in hygiene function and material protection, to reformulate our antimicrobial agents. Select Comfort has not confirmed a single case of mold growth in mattresses treated with the reformulated antimicrobial agents.

Why does our current process prove to be so reliable and durable against bacteria, odor, yeast, mold-fungi and mildew?

  • First, the antimicrobial acts on the cells and disrupts the metabolic process of unwanted micro-organisms, thus hindering their ability to function, grow and reproduce.
  • Second, the antimicrobial treatment is applied during industrial processing of the mattress by experts under regulated conditions. This process ensures optimal protection of the consumer, production employees and the environment without qualitative losses.
  • Third, Sanitized® products are developed to last for the entire normal service-life of an article without need for after-treatment. And the effects of Sanitized® treatments are confirmed by systematic quality tests through internationally approved standard tests.

To learn more about SANITIZED AG, please visit:

Our Approach with Our Customers

In those rare and isolated instances where mold growth has occurred in our beds, it has been in older Sleep Number® beds prior to the reformulation of our antimicrobial treatment. For those who believe they may have an issue, we stand by our product, often going well beyond what other bed companies can do to ensure full customer satisfaction. For any customer, we'll do everything reasonably possible to rectify the situation, replacing chambers, foam ... we'll make sure they benefit from improved technology and make the bed like-new for them.

If you'd like more information, we encourage you to call Select Comfort Customer Service 1 (800) 988-0779. You also can find us on Twitter at SleepNumberHelp.

"We have worked closely with the mattress industry to proactively develop materials that reduce the risk of mold. Select Comfort has been among the leaders, demanding the highest level of protection in materials we supply for all their beds.”
Ed Malecheck, Senior Vice President, Carpenter Co.

"I conducted Sleep Number bed research where we tried to replicate mold growth and tested different antimicrobial products. Our research also tested the relationship between beds, fungal growth, and their potential risk to people. I am very impressed at how proactive, responsive, thorough and aggressive Select Comfort has been at ensuring their product does not promote fungal growth.

I feel very confident in the company and its product that I, myself, sleep on a Sleep Number bed ... I sleep better at night and don't worry about the bed aggravating my mold allergies."
—Neil Carlson, president of NG Carlson Analytical and a Certified Industrial Hygienist at leading research university

"Based on our laboratory investigations, we are convinced that the construction of the Sleep Number bed does not cause mold to arbitrarily grow inside the mattress.”
—Andrew Marine, General Manager, Aspen Research Corporation

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